Wedding Planners in Goa

Goa has become the next wedding destination of India and many International countries. A promotional visit to the US, people from the West Coast of America seem to favour and fantasize having a wedding celebrated on one of the wonderful beaches of Goa.

Goa has been on the tourists destination map for the last 4 decades with European travellers. Goa seems to attract the backpacker to the billionaire especially from the UK, Russia and the Scandinavian countries.
When asked, which is their favourite wedding destination for an exotic wedding, pat comes the reply from many: Rajasthan & Goa.

Goa has something to offer to everyone, because of its rich Portuguese history just 50 plus years ago and Cultural heritage. In addition Goa is the party capital of India where around 2.1 million tourists visit every year to have a good time of their life in Goa. Besides this Goa is also famous for its Churches & Temples, its Wildlife – now confirmed to having the Tiger in its jungles. There is Passive tourism in South Goa and Active Tourism in North Goa.

Due to Goa’s natural beautiful backdrops, natural landscapes and architectural beauty, Tourists from the world have started flocking to Goa for a totally new reason and that is to say, “I DO” on the beaches of Goa.

There are dozens of Event Management Companies flourishing with Orders to Decorate and Design Dream Wedding Concepts in Goa. Wedding is a once in a lifetime event and the bride and groom to be are not willing to cut corners or budgets to make their wedding day special in Goa.

Even many exotic locations of India are provided to Marrying Couples, they still prefer to get married in Goa. The state of Goa has become a wedding destination because of its affinity to attract people from all over the world. The thought of doing something in Goa makes people happy and add to it the world famous hospitality that Goan’s are famous for. Many people have pride in saying that they have done their Wedding Celebrations in Goa and which Guest wants to be left out of not being invited for a wedding celebration and mini holiday in Goa!

Over the last one year, the number of fashion designers, models, businessmen and top corporate choosing to have their weddings in Goa has gone up hugely. A minimum budget for top of the line weddings is Rs. 4 Million.

Wedding clients come to Goa mainly through word of mouth without having to advertise for it as a wedding destination. Most of them have either spent a holiday in Goa before or attended a grand wedding here. Our clients want their guests to remember the fact that they were flown in for the wedding to an exotic location like Goa. Goa offers the best location for beach weddings unlike crowded cities like Mumbai or Kolkata. Goa's starred hotels also offer competitive rates as compared to those in other cities.