Spice Plantations of Goa

What is a Spice Plantation in Goa?

Actually a spice plantation is a spice farm and in the local Konkani language of Goa, they are called Kulaghar (plantation). Kulaghar or plantation is a natural green orchard of landscape, where Goans cultivate for their daily needs by growing organically or non-organically fruits, vegetables or spices or a healthy mixture of both. Call it by whatever name, spice farm, spice plantation or Kulaghar the workers on the land are generally agriculturists to the core.
The spice agricultural estates in Goa are situated in the Ponda region and are quite currently as a major tourist attraction. The plantations use organic methods of farming and agriculture and are known to harvest many of Goa's fantastic aromatic spices.

At the spice plantations in Goa one can explore the fields and the farms. A guide is known to explain about all the spices and plants also tell about their medicinal properties. One can also see men climbing Betel Nut trees which are very tall and how they maintain a balance whilst plucking betel nut fruits from those swaying trees.
The spice plantations are known to be managed by people who excel in the technical know-how of rural spices and who have wide-ranging knowledge. Black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, chillies, coriander, betel nut palm are some of the spices one will find at any of the spice plantations of Goa. Tropical fruits such as Custard apples, Papaya, Bananas, Pineapples, Citrus fruits etc are also grown at most spice farms of Goa.
Besides the spices and the tropical fruits at the plantations one can also get to see a variety of species of birds that have been sighted within the plantation. These include cuckoos, koel, cousals, owls, maina, horn bills, pittas, parrots, large eagles and many more.

Kulaghars / Plantations of Goa

The town of Ponda is densely populated with plenty of home based or farm house plantations, called “Kulaghars” in the local Konkani language of Goa.
Mostly a Kulaghar or Plantation of Goa has abundant areca nut and beetle nut trees. They are held sacred as they are a source of continuous livelihood for the growers and hence remain, unharmed and unaffected for decades. The heartlands & hinterlands of Goa are filled with hundreds of Kulaghars (plantations) which lovers of nature miss out on and lose out on nature’s wonderful experience.
The Kulaghars of Ponda and its environs have long involvement in organic farming and this comes from a long line of family customs and awareness which is passed down from generation to generation that continues the Goan old-fashionedunified, multi-level organic farming known as Kulaghar.

Kulaghars (Plantations) are Thriving in Goa

Kulaghars are traditional organic farms in which many Goan families are involved in the old-style, multi-crop agricultural livelihood, having endured the modern times of mechanized agriculture and have resisted the pressures of the modern technology that has ended many traditional livelihoods over the years. The agricultural families involved in Kulaghar activities are thriving, thanks to their own persistence & perseverance. Most people engaged in this occupation are located in the interior hinterlands of Goa such as Ponda, Sattari, Bicholim, Sanguem and Canacona talukas (districts). They prefer to use natural resources and organic manures for this form of agriculture cum horticulture activity.

Kulaghar (Plantations) as Eco Tourism Activities

The fresh and finestimprovement to happen with the introduction of national and international tourism in Goa, agricultural entrepreneurs have offered a healthy balance of acquainting with Spice Plantations and Spice Farms as informative and entertaining opportunities as part of the Government of Goa Passive Tourism venture. Hence today we find an ever growing list of Spice Plantations attempting to invite and welcome people& tourists to experience and learn more about horticulture, floriculture and organic farming in Goa.

Famous Spice Plantations of Goa

Savoi Plantation, Tropical Spice Plantation, Shakari Farms, Pascoal Farms, Vasundhra Spice Farm, Ancestral Goa,