Resorts in Goa

What is a Resort?

A resort is a habitation used for relaxation or recreation, inviting tourists for holidays or vacations. Resorts are generally places, towns or sometimes commercial residential establishment run by a single company. Settlements can be resorts where leisure industry or holidaying is a major part of the local activity. In India the whole state of Goa can be called a Resort state because tourism is the main industry, majority of the resident population survive on tourism for business & employment and also the Government of Goa promotes Goa as a tourist destination. A geographical place or location qualifies to be called a Resort when maximum number of facilities & services are available for satisfying the tourist’s holiday tastes and needs. The term "resort" is now also used for a self-sufficient commercial establishment which tries to provide for most of a sightseer's desires while providing on the premises, such as food, drink, lodging, sports, entertainment, and shopping. The term, resort may be used to classify a hotel property that make available a collection of conveniences and naturally includes entertainment and recreational activities.

What is a Resort in Goa?

As explained earlier above, Goa by itself being a tiny state but because it is totally dedicated towards holiday and vacation tourism, hence it can be called a resort. Within in Goa there are many multiple holiday accommodation’s calling themselves or naming themselves as Resorts. A resort in Goa would normally & unofficially mean that it’s a huge hotel with plenty of holiday rooms, mostly will be with a star rating, so there will within the resort complex in Goa, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, Gym, Mini Supermarket or general store or shopping centre with lots of handicrafts and souvenir shops. Other facilities within the resort complex will be massage parlours, beauty salons, spa stations, Ayurvedic clinic, Club room, indoor games, outdoor games, gardens & lawns, business centre, office facilities, and most important an important locations such as an important beach, spring, lake or waterfall very close by. Example of a Good Resort in Goa is Shawnels Beach Resort in Palolem...

List of Resorts in Goa

The Moonbay Resort, Magic Park Resort, Hotel Molyma Resort, Magnum Resorts, Falcon Resort, Eden Garden Resort, Nitya Resort, Seabreeze Resort, Summer Ville Beach Resort, Phoenix Park Inn Resort, Nizmar Resort, Le Seasons Beach Resort, Whispering Palms Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Resort, Hacienda De Goa Resort, Leoney Resort, Pearls Oceanique Resort, Resort Terra Paraiso, Resorte Santa Monica, Sharanam Green Resort, Don Joao Resort, Dona Alcina Resort, Tangerine Resorts, Vainguinim Valley Resort, Nanu Resort, Resorte Marinha Dourada, Mello Rosa Resort, Flushing Meadows Country Resort, Diana Resort, Star of the Sea Resort, The Baga Marina Beach Resort, Shivam resort, Skylark Resort, Nazri Resort, Joia Do Mar Resort, Resort Lagoa Azul, Atlanta Beach Resort, Angelina Beach Resort, Sur La Mer Resort, Alor Holiday Resort, Alor Grande Holiday Resort, Tropicano Beach Resort, Longuinhos Beach Resort, Nakita Resort, Shalom Resort, Resort Rio, Ruffles Beach Resort, Royal Orchid Resort, De Coracao Resort, Joecons Beach Resort, Palmarinha Resort, Angels Resort Goa, Lemon Tree Amarante Beach Resort, Paradise Village Beach Resort, Prazeres Resorts, Marina Bay Beach Resort, Colonia De Braganza Resorts, Xavier Resorts (P) Ltd., Sun City Resort, Ticlo Resorts, Cleopatra Resorts, So My Resorts Pvt. Ltd. / Lambana Resort, SunKissed Resort, Goan Holiday Resort, Riverside Regency Resort, Sun Flower Beach Resort, Salija Resort, Sun Shine Park Resort, Jupiter Luxury Resort, Avantika Resort, Resorte De Santo Antonio, Resort Ritchita, Saffron Resort, Wildernest Nature Resort, Enviro Green Resort, Sun Kissed Resort, Colonia Jose Menino Resort, Heritage Village Club Resort, Resort De Coracao, Vista Do Rio resort, Mata Shree Resort, Papayas Resort, Sandray Luxury Resorts, The Dreamcatcher Resort, Manfredi's Resort, Radisson Blu Resort Goa, Pristine Resort, Athi Resorts, Swimsea Beach Resort, Dempo Resort, Dudhsagar Spa Resort, Alagoa Resort, Marriott Resort, Cidade De Goa Beach Resort, Sun Shine Park Resort.

It’s fashionable to be termed as a resort in Goa.

There is no governing body or an authorizing firm to guarantee which holiday accommodation in Goa qualifies to be genuinely termed or named as a resort. Most of the resorts in Goa are self-named and self-styled. Customers, visitors, tourists, holiday makers have to use their shopping prudence to make sure themselves if any resort is true to its name. Currently it has become fashionable to be called a Resort, but then who decides what are the minimum requirements or minimum qualifications for a holiday home to be called a resort? All we can say is that the tourist should check compare and come to his or her own decision on whether their holiday, vacation or tourist needs are met in a hotel or a resort.