Picnic Spots of Goa

What is generally a picnic?

A picnic is a pleasure day trip at which readymade snacks, or pre-cooked food from home is eaten in the open natural landscape not very far away from the main city. Generally picnic spots are found around parks, next to natural lakes, or ancient forts. Most of the picnics are considered to be family outings and it is an excellent time for bonding between siblings and other adult family members.

What is a picnic in Goa?

A picnic in Goa is always a full day trip that is planned and organized in advance. The picnic organizer or planner chooses a picnic spot in Goa that will be popular and commonly likeable to all. Picnics in Goa can be varied and different such as School Picnics of Goa, College Picnics of Goa, and Family Picnics of Goa etc. Picnic in Goa is basically choosing a nice and calm outdoor location with lots of shade and restroom facilities close by. So that the Picnic food Organizer has a nice shady place to lay out all the picnic food on a bedspread or picnic mattress. With food, water and picnic goodies close by, the picnic group can get busy in burning their calories in picnic activities or picnic games and when tired can back to the picnic spread to refresh and recharge.

Picnic Spots in Goa are very romantic

Majority of the picnic spots in Goa are at fabulous locations such as beaches of Goa, Forts of Goa, River banks, Backwaters, Zoos of Goa, Wild life Sanctuaries, Dams of Goa and public gardens of Goa. There are literally dozens of picnic spots in Goa.

When Organizing Picnics in Goa:

Always carry sufficient drinking water for all picnic participants in Goa.
Carry your PERSONAL SNACKS AND LUNCH preferably vegetarian. Pack your lunch in a foil or paper bag. This will make your bag light. This you need to do, if you do not like other people’s food.
Participants to any picnics in Goa, need to carry necessary MOSQUITO REPLELENT CREAM, SUN TAN creams and SUN GLASSES as per your preference.

Goa Picnickers need to wear WALKING SPORTS SHOES that you are comfortable with. Please don’t use new shoes to avoid getting shoe bites.

Holidaygoa.in recommends Goa Picnic Organizers to carry ELECTROLYTES POWDER packet to consume with water to replenish lost body salts of any picnic participant in sunny Goa.

Since most picnics are group events Smoking should be strictly discouraged, so as not to harm other non-smoking picnic participants with second hand smoke of cigarettes.

The organizer of picnics in Goa should control the consumption of alcohol, beers and wines during picnics in Goa.

Strictly NO AMPLIFIED MUSIC should be allowed at any picnic place in Goa. Imagine the beautiful picnic spot having 10 different loud music by 10 different picnic groups. No one will hear music in Goa but the picnic spot in Goa will become just another noisy public place.

Please enjoy the natural sounds of nature at any Goa picnic spot.

Please carry your own wrappers, plastic and other WASTE BACK TO THE CITY garbage dumps from the natural picnic spot.

Please carry your personal MEDICATIONS, to be taken regularly during the picnic day.

Do not pluck flower, fruits, and leaves or bring back any drift wood. Take back memories of Goa picnics only.

Please carry salt during the rains in Goa as some picnic spots are visited by leaches, Salt helps to remove Leaches if they bite.

Some Popular Picnic Spots of Goa

Ancestral Goa, Big Foot Museum, Bondla Zoo, Fort Aguada, Amthane Dam, Selaulim Dam, Chapoli Dam, Anjunem Dam, Arvalem Waterfalls, Arvalem Caves, Nagesh Love Forest, Budbudhyachi Tali, Reis Magos Fort, Cabo de Rama Fort, Chapora Fort, Carambolim Lake, Chorao Island, Naval Aviation Musuem, San Jacinto Island, Azad Maidan in Panaji, Colva Beach, Calangute Beach, are some famous picnic places of Goa.