Motor bike hire in Goa

Discover Goa at your pace and peace of mind. With a hired Motorbike in Goa

No need to haggle over Taxi Fares in Goa. No need to count the kilometres and miles of distance travelled between tourist points in Goa. No need to worry about your basic travel belongings in Goa. No need to know the routes of buses and taxis in Goa. No need to even follow a road map in Goa. No need to hire a vehicle than can accommodate or seat 5 passengers when you are just one or two in Goa. No need to “apple polish” some driver just for him to wait some time at the best waterfall in Goa. No need to worry about booking bus tickets and train tickets while holidaying in Goa. No need to check out what’s the last bus to your hotel late at night. No need to leave any discotheque party just because the taxi driver or friend who drove you there is sleeping in the vehicle. Forget all of the above, when you can hire a two wheeler in Goa starting from as low as Rs.250/- per day of usage till Rs.500/- per day. During the peak and premium season of Goa be prepared to pay between Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- per day to get your bike in your hands.

Bike hiring in Goa

While holidaying in Goa, especially if you are a couple of friends then there is nothing better than hiring a two wheeler for your travel needs in Goa. Any Indian Tourist can hire a two wheeler bike, its official; it’s legal and perfectly safe. You can rent or hire any registered two wheelers in Goa for your private touring use to travel tour and discover Goa on your own. You can Chart your own itinerary; stop as you please, visit the most interior exotic locales of Goa on your own. Bike Travel in Goa for tourists gives the ultimate freedom and liberty to decide where to go and when to go and to move around full of Goa freely and independently.  As tourists in Goa with a bike in hand and helmet on head, you can see all the beaches of Goa, visit all the forts of Goa, go for late night discotheque parties and get close to the locals  hidden spots of Goa.

Goa offers exceptional chance for you to sightsee in a bike of your choice. Many standard bike bands are accessible as per your choice. For bikers, you can thunder with an Indian heavy weight, Royal Enfield 350cc and get the real feel of raw Indian power. Other 100cc bikes available are Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki or you can take up gear–less Honda bikes. Any and all Indian types of Two Wheelers are available for hire or rent to tourists in Goa.

Bike hiring charges in Goa

You can hire a two wheeler in Goa starting from as low as Rs.250/- per day of usage till Rs.500/- per day. During the peak and premium season of Goa be prepared to pay between Rs.500/- to Rs.1000/- per day to get your bike in your hands. Hiring or renting any type of bike in Goa is easy, cheap and fast for all visitors to Goa, Indian or International. All you need to have is an Indian or International Driving License that is valid and ability to driving on Indian Roads in Goa. Above bike rent charges mentioned are tentative meaning just as a sample or an example. Please enquire and confirm at the time of booking your bike at ground level. The bike hire or rent charges differ in Goa from one bike operator to another. Bike charges in Goa depends on how old or new bike is, type of bike, brand of bike, bikes engine power, duration of hire, location of the bike being hired at and last but not the least, the season too.

What do Tourists need while hiring a bike in Goa?

Only Two things: Cash and a valid Indian Driving license or International Driving license. You can hire a bike in Goa for one day or for one month or more. Bargain for discounts when duration of bike hire in Goa is for long stay in Goa.


  • Your Valid Driving License should be on your body in person while driving in Goa.
  • Ask for notarized true copy of the Registration Certificate (RC) book and Insurance documents of the vehicle you will be driving.
  • Wear an ISI stamped or certified Crash Helmet to be avoided from being stopped by Goa Police.
  • Drive safely and securely. You are not at home. You are on holiday in Goa.
  • Never drink alcohol and drive. It’s dangerous for you and others too.
  • Always use indicators of the bike or hand signals wherever possible to indicate left or right turns.
  • Use the Horn as and when necessary.
  • Be careful of Public buses in Goa, their sidelights and brake lights are never found functional.
  • Some bike indicator lights are not bright enough in the sunny day, please also use hand signals in Goa.
  • Always fill your tank to full level at Petrol Pumps only to ensure getting unadulterated Petrol in Goa.
  • Even animals such as cats, dogs, cows and buffaloes are holidaying in Goa, so remember they have right of the roads too.
  • See, hear, smell, feel the breeze on your head but don’t commit stupid and foolish self-accidents while driving in Goa. The Ground of Goa hurts the same after a fall as elsewhere in India.
  • Never, ever argue with Traffic cops in Uniform. If in any trouble, during the traffic inspection on the streets of Goa, immediately phone and inform your Bike Hiring Operator, Your Hotel Desk and Some friend if possible. Always keep someone informed of immediate situation. It helps. It always helps.


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