Massage Parlours of Goa

Ayurvedic Massages

Reliable Ayurveda massage grows the body’s ability for increasing blood and oxygen transmissionassisting our mortal bodies to refurbish and restoreon the road to good health. While holidaying in Goa, it’s the finest time to massage your body as you have plenty of time on hand for rest and relaxation.Any bodily massage if done devotedly and perfectly provides deep relaxation to the tired body and mind and soul too. Genuine Ayurvedic Massage also benefits in removing unwanted toxins that get stored within our body system.

Physical & Mental benefits of Goa Massages

Bodily a good Ayurvedic massage helps in transformation therapies and maintains in vigorous growth of all the organisms of the body. Mentally a delicate massage,rendering to principles of Ayurveda contributes in deleting the negative energies that get stored due to needless emotional drudgery and tension.

Massages in Goa

Some of the most common ones are emphasized here for better consideration before selecting the right massage during your holiday stay in Goa. There are lots of massage parlours and massage clinics that have opened up all along the coast of Calangute and Baga.

Genuine Ayurvedic Massages

Hundreds of Ayurvedic Clinics are operating all along the coast of Goa. Many of the local Ayurved Massage Centres are properly registered clinics, generally operated by qualified BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Sciences) from Ayurveda College, Shiroda in East Goa. Many Ayurvedic doctors can be suitably qualified from other states of India too.

Some of the Genuine & Popular Ayurvedic Massages offered in Goa are:


This is a massage appropriate as a weight loss remedy. Its Goa’s own weight loss massage. A specific herbal treatment for weight loss help and cellulite reduction.An herbal paste or powder is smeared to the full body and intensely massaged. Especially for women after childbirth, this massage tones the skin. Supports in cellulite removal and eradicates the Kapha toxins from the body. Weight loss massage is obtainable around Calangute town and beach in Goa.

SHIRODHARA Massage in Goa

This type of relaxing head massage is exceptional in Ayurveda. In Shirodhara, medicinal oil, herbal decoctions, medicated milk or buttermilk is continually dispensed on the forehead with the assistance of a dangling utensil. This oil falling massage on the centre of the forehead is very calming and comforting. It deeply invigorates the central nervous system.
Most of the beach masseurs on the beaches of Goa are NOT trained, NOT educated, NOT qualified, NOT Masseur Therapists. Majority of the Masseurs are Male and originate mainly from the state of Kerala. There are also female lady masseurs. Most of the time a casual walk along any beach of Goa, one will notice even foreign female tourists getting a back rub or back massage by male Indian masseurs with no complaints.

Beauty Parlour & Spa Massages

These are Non Ayurvedic Massages. They are Therapeutic (Healing) massages but of different classes. Most of the branded and top of the line Beauty Saloons are offering along with their beauty services, the high-class service of elite full body massages too. These can be man on man and woman on woman or as per requirements.


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