Maps of Goa

What is a Map?

A map is a method of demonstrating on a two-dimensional surface, (a paper, a computer monitor, etc.) any real-world site or thing. Many maps only deal with the two-dimensional position of a thing without taking into account its height or altitude.

What is a Tourist Map?

It is a map for tourists to use in a new or foreign place. A tourist map highlights and brings to the fore important places of interest, tourist locations, famous landmarks, picnic spots and places of common interest or attraction.

Tourist Map of Goa, what is that?

There are around a dozen or so tourist maps available in Goa. The only tourist map of Goa that is available free of charge is the Government of Goa Tourist Map given to visiting tourists to Goa. Private companies and private publishers print their own versions of Goa maps supported mostly by advertisements from the commercial establishments of Goa.

What is a “Not to Scale Map of Goa mean?

The implication of the expression "not to scale" is to let you know that the printed map of Goa or the designed map,does not represent the real world lengths or measures of the road distances between two significant points or places in Goa.

In other words, if you were to look at a map of Goa with Panjim and Margao towns on it, you will not be able to use the visual distance to determine which one was closer or separated by how many kilometres.

What is a to Scale Map of Goa mean?

When a tourist map is drawn to scale it means a precisequantity of distance on the map equals a precisequantity of distance in actual real life conditions, meaning on the road, and that this scale on the paper tourist map is consistent and same across the entire map. In other words, the scale of a map is the ratio of a distance on the map to the corresponding distance on the ground or road. There is not a single Government, Private, Philanthropic or Non-Government Organization Map that is made to scale as yet in Goa.

Representation of to scale tourists maps

Map scales in Indiamight be conveyed in words (a lexical scale), as a ratio, or as a fraction. Examples are: ‘one centimetre to one hundred metres’ or 1:10,000 or 1/10,000, 'One inch to one mile' or 1:63,360 or 1/63,360, 'one centimetre to one thousand kilometres' or 1:100,000,000 or 1/100,000,000. (The ratio would usually be abbreviated to 1:100M).

Sad to say, Goa does not have a single To Scale Tourist Map as yet.

The current & present tourist maps of Goa in comparison to the serious tourist maps published in Europe are like a Joke in print. The present tourists maps of Goa provide more detailed information about the advertisers than how to reach to let’s say Dudhsagar Waterfall. All of the tourists maps of Goa are NOT TO SCALE MAPS, meaning they are seriously not fit enough even to be called Maps in the first place. Pick up any one of the many dozens of Goa Maps and what you will find is snapshots or thumbnail pictures of picnic spots and landmarks of tourist importance. Can you take a thread or a scaled ruler and find the distance in kilometres or miles from let’s say Panjim to Mapusa, sadly absolutely not. Max you may find the approximate distance in kms in a corner box.

What is the difference between Cartography and Map Designing?

Cartography is the fine art and scientific scholarship of drawing maps, accomplished by cartographers.The word comes from two Greek words, chart is, meaning map, and graphos, meaning to draw or write.Simple cartography covers two data components. The first is location data, specifying where the area being depicted is situated. In early maps, location data often displayed where something was in relation to something else, but modern maps usually use geographical coordinates such as latitude and longitude to position their features. The second type of data is attributional data, showing bodies of water, mountains, valleys, hills, and other geographical features of importance and of interest.A cartographer is a person who constructs charts and creates maps. Cartographers have a very complex job in constructing a map that is useful and represents the geographical topographyprecisely.A cartographer combines science, aesthetics and technique to build maps. They have the ability convey a true physical depiction of land masses, bodies of water and terrain on a flat object.

Designers of Maps merely conceptualize an outline of the area, let’s say Goa and then design a graphical user presentation to plot by assumption all the areas in a north, west, south and easterly direction. Designer’s maps are done using computer software’s such as Coreldraw, Photoshop, and Illustrator etc. They are best limited to the creation of Tourist maps to identify attractions around a place.


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