Live Bands of Goa

Goa is one the few destinations, along the Arabian coast of India, where Live Bands can be seen performing at various occasions.

Catholic Live Wedding Bands

All over India, and very prominently in Goa one gets to enjoy for free the wonderful experience of enjoying live music played by professional musicians. Live bands in Goa mostly play English and Konkani songs that are popular and trendy.

Full Night Wedding Receptions of Goa.

Earlier around 20 plus years before Goa was the only place in India where the enjoyment and merriment used to continue all night long. The main wedding reception used to begin only after Sundown or Sunset and the wedding party in Goa used to continue till the first rays of the morning sun or sunrise.

Modern Catholic Live Wedding Bands

Present day weddings in Goa, the receptions begin at Sunset and immediately the Live Band makes rocking music to entertain the wedding guests. Goans enjoy the Goan melodies played right in front of the live audience. The bridal couple even gets to choose their very own choice of songs to be played on their wedding day. Even sometimes the guests are allowed to request for their favourite songs to be played on demand. Goan old-fashioned music, Goan Mandos, Konkani songs, Goan traditional wedding songs and oldies are played by famous wedding bands for all occasions.

Restaurant Live Bands

During the tourist season in Goa from November till February, visit any good quality Multi-Cuisine restaurant during the weekends and you will find that there are live bands playing nonstop throughout the evening. This is a speciality of Goan restaurants that they provide free live band entertainment for their guest’s enjoyment.

Live Band Performances at Church Feasts

There are hundreds of Churches in Goa, so there will be hundreds of feasts during any calendar year. All you have to do is just find out the main feast date of a particular church close from your residence and visit the Church Fete. It is common for every church festivity in Goa to have at least one Live Band performance for the entertainment of its parishioners.

Live Music in Goa

Thank God that Music in Goa is still being performed live for an equally lively audience.

All over the Konkan region from Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala, Goa has remained to be the live music hub of India. Come October and Goa becomes a Global Music village, vibrating and pulsating with sounds of music from all its alleys and by lanes along the coastal side.

Some Live Bands of Goa

Colin's bands, Brothers in Arms, India Band, Blue Waves Band, Goa Amigos Band, Archies Band, Acacio Pereira Band, Aqua Strings, Audacity Band, Big Country Band, Band Wagon, Crimson Tide Band, Fruston Fernandes Band, Flying Colours Band, Shades The Band, Purple Rain, Heritage Jazz, Shine On Duo Band, Lace Band, The Revivals, Cascades, Jus Leo, Forefront.