Beauty Parlours of Goa

If you ever desire to be surrounded by mirrors, then one has to enter into any beauty parlour of Goa &ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, make me the most gorgeous of them all”

Beauty is the innermost desire of all women Goan or not.

No human is born beautiful; if that was the case then we all would have looked the same. Just beautiful looking. Today’s modern woman in Goa does not want to just look beautiful. They want to look differently beautiful, exotic and in plain simple words, glamorous &sexy. Every baby, girl, teenager, lady, woman considers themselves automatically beautiful, what they want is to stand out in the crowd, to be the centre of attention and attraction.

Where desire for beauty is there, there the buck (money) is.

Every Goan girl has a fairy tale wish, of having a wishing wand to make the pimples disappear, the black heads vanish, and the skin to become fair and lovely. The desire to remain looking young and beautiful forever creates a business opportunity as millions of women become beauty consumers. As in other parts of the world, in Goa too, woman of the female kind are all willing to be convinced and cajoled into buying hundreds of beauty and cosmetic products.

In Goa, Beauty Parlors are not meant for women only

For a long time, to be beautiful was considered to be the birth right of women only. Even in the late 1980’s and the 1990’s beauty parlours in Goa were dedicated exclusively for women. But with changing times and cultures, Goan Men also started paying attention to hygiene, looks and matters of beauty.

Unisex Beauty Parlours in Goa

In Goa one will find three kinds of parlours dedicated towards the upliftment of beauty. There are beauty parlours in Goa for men only, then there are beauty parlours in Goa for females only and finally there are the new modern Unisex parlours where both men and women are allowed to enter for beauty enhancing services under the same roof. Today’s modern men of Goa also say, “Why should girls have all the fun”, of getting pampered and indulged in good looks treatments.

Beauty is treasurable and its chase is timeless.

Beauty is as ancient as Adam and Eve and the first beauty parlour in the world is credited to a man of African descent by the name of Ziryab who knew the secrets of remaining beautiful like the alphabets of A to Z. The world’s very first beauty parlour was opened in the city of Cordoba, the capital of Spain around the year 822 AD. Ziryab was the first man or beautician to introduce commercially suggested hairstyles’ that were downright new and unconventional. He was known to use some chemicals to remove unwanted hair and he introduced deodorants that did not stain clothes.

Modern day beauty parlours of Goa

Today’s beauty parlours are more than just parlors. Besides providing beauty enhancement procedures, they also teach beautician courses in Goa, they sell over the counter Goan beauty products, they provide full body massages, hair cutting & styling facilities, beauty treatments & beauty consultations, Mehandi applications, parlour management, beauty diplomas etc. Most of the latest beauty parlours are becoming full-fledged Spa’s with Jacuzzis and full body beauty management. In beauty parlours of Goa, Go in looking yourself & come out looking mesmerizing.