Guest Houses of Goa

What is a Guest House?

A guest house (guesthouse) is a kind of lodging& boarding which is mostly economical, down to the earth basic & simple and is meant to spend the night comfortably in. Guest houses can also be similar to hostels, bed and breakfast, motels or holiday inns. Sometimes guest houses can be cheap and inexpensive and sometimes quite deluxe and plush. Majority of the times, a guest house is normally a large private home which has been converted or kept exclusively for the use of travelling tourists as guests. The landlordor owner of the guest house generally lives in an entirely separate area within the property and the guest house may serve as a form of lodging business.Among the features which separate a guest house from a hotel are bed and breakfast facilities, home like atmosphere, opportunity to live with the locals. Some guest houses also provide food on demand, which is home cooked by the owner themselves.

Traditional Guest houses of Goa

A traditional guest house in Goa is normally a traditional or modern or Portuguese house that has opened its doors to welcome tourists to stay in their extra rooms. Always in traditional guest houses of Goa, the owner along with his family stays below or in an extended part or in some prominent place within the same house. The room service is very personal and hospitable as the Goan owner he or she will be attending to your needs and requests. On special request and demand definitely for an extra charge, one can eat authentic home cooked Goan food. The rooms are very warm and homely as they are part of the Goan house. The Goan landlord or landlady doubles up as your authentic guide to Goa. Some of the traditional guest houses of Goa also are famous as bed & breakfast places so that the tourists can head out towards sightseeing different places in Goa.

Commercial Guest houses of Goa

Many of the Goan owners along the hundreds of beaches of Goa have started treating the business of providing guest house rooms very professionally. Since the demand for holiday accommodation is ever increasing in Goa, hence many guest house owners have now built separate guest house structures close to their ancestral home or main Goan house. This way the commercial guest house is separate from the owner’s house and is external and extended away from the main Goan home. These types of guest houses are the commercial guest houses of Goa. The local Goan owner is around close by but his family does not stay within the same guest house. The commercial guest house rooms are separate and distinctly different from the Goan owner’s house.

Some Guest houses of Goa

Villa Anjuna guest house, Damysharina Guest House, Barbara's Home guest house, Maya's Holiday Rooms, Lulu's Guest Corner, Good Faith Holiday Homes, Quinta da Graca, JJ's Guest house,
Ashirwad Guest House, Hilias Retreat guest house, Mount Valley Guest House, Candolim Villa, Le Magnifique, Casa Ave Maria Guest House, Shawnels Beach Resort, Varca Bon Vivant Guest House, Blue Waters Guest House.

Advantages of Staying in Guest Houses of Goa

  • Live with Goans in their own home or extension which becomes their guest house room.
  • Stay under the same roof with the Goan owners.
  • See traditional day to day Goan life closely in a guest house.
  • Support the locals of Goa, by living in a Goan Guest house.
  • Opportunity to interact with authentic Goans who introduced hospitality of Indian & Goan Tourism
  • Chance to eat homemade Goa food.
  • Get guided on sightseeing spots of Goa by owners who are born and bred in Goa.
  • Most guest house rooms in Goa are homes away from homes.
  • Guest houses have mini pantries or full kitchen for you to cook on your own.
  • Guest houses have more warmth, heart and a soul.
  • Guest houses of Goa have some character and personality and not just like any other concrete hotel walls.
  • Guest houses in Goa are the most cheapest and economical way of staying in Goa.
  • All guest houses of Goa have most of the modern basic amenities that we have at our own homes.
  • Guest houses in Goa are private and always self-attached with bath and toilets.
  • In a Goa guest house tourists come as strangers and possibly leave as friends.