Dormitories in Goa

A dormitory, often shortened to dorm, in Goa, India is always a huge and long dwelling hall comprising of sleeping rooms with large number of beds with a single locker in multiple row after row. In Goa, Dormitory facilities can exist in ashrams, church halls, school halls, temple halls, exhibition halls, special dormitory type of accommodation’s, in boarding schools, hostels etc. In Goa, 

Dormitories can also refer to a huge individual room in which many people sleep, typically like at a boarding school. The main purpose of dormitories in Goa is just to spend the night after a tired sightseeing tour or trip in Goa. The tourists spend most of the day starting from early morning till late night out discovering different new places of Goa, so they just want to hit the sack late in the night for a tired good night sleep.

Dormitories in Goa are always either full male or full female so one will find hundreds of men or women spending their nights together in cheap and basic accommodation. Dormitories are popular with large groups of men or women, when they are all men or women. The dormitories in Goa have separate floors for men and women and they have common bath & toilet facilities. All that a Dormitory in Goa offers are clean beds in single file in row after row. Every dormitory bed in Goa has one small single locker for storing your clothes and belongings. The bathroom and toilet facilities in all dormitories of Goa are always on a sharing basis. So the early rising tourist in Goa always gets the fresh and clean rest room in any Dormitory. There are shared ceiling fans. Some dormitories do have Air Conditioning too.

The most basic and cheapest accommodation one can find in Goa is the Dormitory facility offered by many beach side Government hotels. Dormitory facility in Goa is the right choice for low budget tourists and those that just need a bed to jump into at night, since they will be touring and sightseeing Goa all day long. Booking in Dormitories in Goa are on a first come first serve basis. So only bulk bookings and 100% Advance Bookings are taken by most dormitories for advance reservation.