Beach huts of Goa

What is a Beach Hut supposed to be in Goa?

Generally among the mind-set of majority of Indians, the word hut is associated with a poor man’s dwelling or a ramshackle and dirty house made out of waste and roughage. But in the western sense, the word “beach hut” is connected to a wooden beach cabin or a bathing box meant for the purpose of changing into ones swimming costume on the beach.

In Goa always the beach huts are much larger in size and quite strongly and comfortably built that to many Indians they now look like deluxe or holiday huts. Around 80% of the structure is made from recyclable or reusable material such as coir mats, wooden ply, waste wood, wooden planks and dried palm leaves etc. Some beach huts incorporate simple facilities for preparing food and hot drinks by either gas cylinders or sometimes mains electricity.

A beach hut in Goa is a small or of medium size, always wooden and often luminously coloured, lodging unit above the high tide mark on common bathing beaches. Beach huts are usually used as a living quarters from the sun or wind, changing into and out of swimming costumes and for the safe storing of some personal belongings. Goa beach huts are always bang on the beach on the sand with just a few walking steps towards the sea water.

About Beach Huts in Goa

Beach huts in Goa are commonly very down on the beach and basic beach accomodation provided by the many beach entrepreneurs on the coastline of Goa. Most of the beach huts in Goa are temporary accommodations provided bang on the beach or just a few hundred meters away from the high tide line. Goa beach huts are traditional, economical to stay in and mostly made from natural and perishable materials. Some of the newer beach huts provide ceramic flooring, basic pantry facilities and wooden beds to unwind in. Most of the beach huts are small in size comfortable enough for a couple. Having windows and thatched roof or mangalore tiled roof. The walls can be of wooden or some natural material. Main advantage of all beach huts are their close proximity to the wonderful beaches they are located on.

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