Ayurvedic Clinics in Goa

Why to practice Ayurveda principles always and not only when sick or in physical distress?

The answer according to the Vedas is fourfold:-

Dharma – To perform religious duty / rites or righteous conduct.
Artha     – To acquire Wealth or Economic activity.
Kama     – To satisfy all the desires or pleasurable pursuit
Moksha – To attain Salvation.

There is an innate and inborn desire in every human to connect with the Universal being. Irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality, every human being is programmed to be guided by the Creator. That’s why all human beings want to perform their religious duties in whatever aspect and form. To perform religious rites, one must have a healthy body.

Economic activity has been given great importance in the Hindu scheme of things. It is second only to Dharma that ensures social stability. In Western society who has not heard of the saying, “Health is Wealth”. Ayurveda believed in this statement thousands of years ago. If a person is healthy he can use his natural faculties towards attaining wealth and riches. Every individual is in the race to earn money, make savings and retire peacefully. Thus the acquiring of wealth since ancient times is very important and ancient seers visualized a goddess called Lakshmi. The Goddess of Wealth. To gain Wealth and Riches, one must have a healthy body again.

Kama means Sex. No individual can avoid the onslaught of different forms of media, may it be print, radio, TV or internet. And all of them have one message. Do it. They all encourage in the pursuit of pleasure. Our eyes, ears, minds and heart are bombarded with these direct or indirect sexual messages. This is not new for India. For Indians long before pornography and internet they had the Kama sutra. An illustrated and detailed guide for the healthy and legal enjoyment of sex between two opposite sexes. To enjoy Kama or Sex, once again one has to have a healthy body.

Moksha is the last and most important objective of these. It can be called as liberation from the bondages of life and death. Every person who has faith in ancient Indian philosophy knows that the deeds done in previous life, is carried out to the next life. This is a common belief of Hindu religion. So to come out of this vicious cycle, every person must try to attain salvation. But one should remember that to attain salvation is a very difficult thing. Remaining three objectives- Dharma, Artha and Kama are in reach of the common or ordinary man. The most difficult but achievable goal is Moksha or Salvation. But for that too one must have a healthy mind. One cannot have a healthy mind without a healthy body. So finally to gain Moksha or Salvation one has to have a healthy body

So in Brief we can observe that to perform religious rites, to acquire wealth and to satisfy all the human desires, one must have a healthy body. A person having illness or deranged body or dysfunction of different systems in the body cannot perform religious duties nor he can acquire wealth, nor can he satisfy his desires. Thus Ayurveda since ancient times has been aiding humans in achieving the above four mentioned goals of all mankind by helping us all to live healthily and to pass away healthily.

We believe in Ayurveda if it is practiced completely and continuously. As far as possible one has to utilize a maximum number of Ayurvedic medicines, Herbal products and Natural cosmetics for daily use.

Cosmetic or Ayurvedic
Is your life cosmetic or ayurvedic? Meaning is your life full of over the counter drugs or full of prescription medicines or cosmetic suggestions? Your life has to be full of the ever fulfilling principles of Ayurveda. The best is to be ayurvedic from birth, meaning choosing the natural and organic products over the chemical and cosmetic products promoted vigorously by advertising companies.

Live an Ayurvedic Life in Goa
Living in Goa is very healthy as it is still a natural place with very less man made pollution. One only has to live a balanced life and follow an ayurvedic life style to progress towards health and happiness. Goa has a rich Vedic History.